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Divorce, Support & Community Property
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When divorce has become your best option, you want your case to be handled by an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who can make sure your rights are protected. Even seemingly minor issues not dealt with correctly at the outset of the case may resurface in the future as major problems. At the law firm of Phyllis C. Coci, Attorney at Law, we can handle your divorce carefully and thoroughly to help you move on with your life. Contact us to discuss your divorce needs with a skilled attorney.
Dedicated Metairie Divorce Lawyer
Phyllis C. Coci handles both contested and uncontested divorces, including the variety of issues that can arise in divorce, such as:

• Child Custody: Our firm has dealt with numerous child custody cases and will represent parties in the original determination, as well as during enforcement and modification. We have dealt with numerous child custody evaluators and are very comfortable going to court to overturn recommendations when appropriate.

• Child Support: We are knowledgeable about and experienced in dealing with the child support guidelines and in seeking deviation from the guidelines where appropriate. We can help you in original child support determination or, where there is an outstanding order and your have experienced a change in circumstances, we will pursue modification of the original order.

• Community Property Partition: We are experienced at the division of assets and liabilities, including businesses, homes, vehicles and other large assets. Entrust your divorce case to an experiences and aggressive attorney who will protect your interests and fight for the property and portion you deserve.
• Qualified Domestic Relations Order: We offer skilled representation in qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO) matters. A QDRO allows the court to divide retirement benefits.

• Spousal Support: We have represented parties in spousal support matters both in the original determination period and during any later modification or enforcement. Unlike child support, spousal support determinations are based on a number of factors.

• Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse: Our firm has represented both sides in domestic violence issues. We have represented parties seeking or contesting orders of protection, and have represented victims in emergency hearings.
Child Custody, Visitaion & Relocation
Our firm is trained in mediation and collaborative divorce, and when appropriate for your case, we can pursue these methods of alternative dispute resolution. When you are considering a divorce, contact a lawyer who will give you peace of mind. Call Phyllis C. Coci, Attorney at Law, at 504-889-0292.
We recognize that you strive for stability in the lives of your children, which is why we seek to resolve your legal issues with the least amount of disruption to their lives as possible. Whether or not your are going through a divorce, if you are seeking custody or visitation rights of a child, are worrying about issues of child support or are looking to adopt a child, you need a knowledgeable and respectful lawyer on your side. At the law firm of Phyllis C. Coci, Attorney at Law, we look to the best interests of the children first and provide experienced care and legal service. Contact us to schedule an appointment with attorney Coci to discuss your parental rights and how to proceed in the best interests of your child.
Experienced Child Custody Lawyer
Phyllis C. Coci handles a wide array of cases involving children, and has dealt extensively with issues of:
• Parental Custody
• Grandparent or Third-Party Custody
• Stepparent Adoption
• Recognition of a Foreign Decree of Adoption
• Visitation
• Child Support
• Relocation
Skilled Response to Evaluator Recommendations
Often in these cases, an evaluator will be brought in to consider the needs of the children involved. When parties are dissatisfied with the recommendations made by a evaluator, our firm has experience in bringing evaluators to court to overturn those recommendations. Our firm prefers to work out issues outside of a courtroom, but when working in the best interest of your child, Phyllis C. Coci will not back down.
Uncontested Divorce
Divorce can be a difficult time for all involved parties. A divorce can be contested, where the parties are arguing over the terms of the divorce, or it can be uncontested. An uncontested divorce tends to be a less stressful situation in which both parties cooperate to end the marriage and settle their mutual affairs in a cooperative manner.

At the law firm of Phyllis C. Coci, Attorney at Law, we strive to help clients deal with an uncontested divorce as efficiently and effectively as possible. In an uncontested divorce the spouses have worked out agreements outside of the courtroom on all major issues. This approach can save time and money, but only works if both parties are willing to work together.

Attorney Phyllis C. Coci has over 35 years of experience handling a wide variety of family law matters, including uncontested divorce. It is important to us that clients understand their legal options when deciding to dissolve their marriage. Under Attorney Coci's guidance, clients are provided personalize service and attention to determine if handling the matter as an uncontested divorce in in the client's best interest. In some instances and particularly when children are involved, an uncontested divorce may not be in everyone's best interest.
Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce Representation
When representing a client in an uncontested divorce, we charge a flat fee plus court costs. The is an affordable way to handle your divorce, as long as it is completely uncontested. Our flat representation includes the filings and appearances necessary to simply obtain the Judgment of Divorce. If other issues arise along the way, our firm's usual fee structure applies to those matters.
Child Support/ Spousal Support
Family law issues that involve money are often highly contested between the involved parties. At the law firm of Phyllis C. Coci, Attorney at Law, we provide clients with tailored representation in child support and spousal support matters.
Child Support
Whether they are going through a divorce or were never married, parents are legally obligated to financially support their children. The amount of support that will be ordered is typically calculated using guidelines set forth in Louisiana statutes, though couples could decide to set higher amounts, or the courts could deviate from the child support guidelines in extreme circumstances. Such factors the court could consider include:
• Medical expenses or other special needs of the child or the parent that is paying child support payments
• Disability (permanent or temporary) of the parent that is paying support
• Community debt of the parents
Spousal Support
Sometimes called alimony, interim spousal support is the amount of money paid from one spouse to the other in order to support his or her lifestyle after the divorce. Final spousal support often called "permanent or closed spousal support" can be awarded to a spouse that is not a fault in the dissolution of the marriage.

There are many factors that are take into consideration by the courts when determining the proper amount of spousal support, including:
• Income of the parties
• Means and earning capacity of the parties
• Age of the parties
• Length of the marriage
• Fault in the dissolution of the marriage
• Tax consequences
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